Heeyy how you doin´ friends?? Yeah, don´t freak out, it´s me, aunt Coni!! Let me tell you that it´s becoming a little difficult to write in this extremely simple language, guess it must be due to almost 7 years of asbtinence (jeee, i´m talking about english you naughty people!)… but this morning I´ve had a wonderful surprise waiting behind my blog´s statistics page…
It was absolutely awesome (while i was preparing myself for english exams i got used to put every adjective or adverb i could remember, just to make a 4-word sentence a super-25-sentence paragraph) to discover that someone had entered my blog searching for the cute bunny video "everyone else has had more sex than me". This shouldn´t make anyone open his mouth, I know it´s one of the favorites and even someone dared to say it´s the only thing that can be highlighted from my site (grrr to you machine!). But the really big whaaaam came when this anonimous Mr. X translated my blog!!!!
Yessss, as you can read above, a foreigner non-latin sailor or drifter (i´m so far from my Longman dictionary!) sensed that I was funny and tried to understand what i wrote. Unfortunately for him/her, nowadays´ translation tools continue being primitive, and they´re even worse when you try to translate porteño-english!! Just check out some little pearls (juaaaa, Susan Gimenez) of that stupid translation:
Top Ten!
10. Currents: Corrientes, Av.
9. Mejía Branches: Ramos Mejía
8. master to the city of Buenos Aires: amo a la ciudad de BsAs (who are you, He-man??)
7. being strange to me I suppose that no: extrañándome seguro que no

6. The Bañeros craziest of the world

5. me cagó to pedos to play with the traffic light: me llamó la atención por jugar con los semáforos

4. National university of the Slaughter: Universidad Nacional de La Matanza (es geniaaaaaal)

3. the boletita with second victory: la boletita con el segundo vencimiento!! jaaaaaa
2. and dale that goes: y dale que va!

1. a pair of you kill spanish stews: un par de mates cocidos – No comments!
Hoping you´ve enjoyed this odd post, and dreaming the arrival of that glorious day when every inhabitant of this planet could understand each other just by clicking on a button disguised behind the left ear (something like the Whisper XL!), there´s nothing left to say but… GOODBYE!

PS: check out the more stupid re-translation to spanish! At the end it went nut, can you find out what does "Virginia" stans for?